Skills | Languages and Frameworks

The progress bars represent my level of understanding for each language/library/platform/etc.

  Programming and Scripting Languages

PHP (7)
Javascript, AngularJS, ES6 / jQuery
HTML (5)
CSS (3) / SASS
SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB)
Python (2-3)

  Degrees and Qualifications

Information Technology: Application Development (AAS)

After developing for a year, I knew I had missed some important concepts so I went back to school and got a degree that was focused in application development.

Classes included: Data Structures and Algorithmns, Quality Assurance Methodologies and Systems Analysis and Design.

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Graphic Design  (BFA)

With my Graphic Design degree, I am able to create and improve website and application designs. During my time completing my degree, I focused on web-related courses and front-end programming fundamentals.

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Adobe Certified Associate: Photoshop

The Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification is the industry-recognized validation of one's skill in Adobe Photoshop CC.

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  Software and Technologies

Adobe Creative Cloud   (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro)
Database Administration  (Schemas, Views, Joins, Stored Procedures, Triggers)
Linux  (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS)
Amazon Web Services   (EC2, BeanStalk, CloudWatch, S3, Route53)
3D/Game Design  (Maya, 3dsMAX, Unity, Blender)

  Frameworks, Utilities and Libraries


  • (Distribution)  Docker
  • (CSS)  Bootstrap3
  • (JS)  ES5, ES6, ES7
  • (JS)  AngularJS 1.6
  • (JS)  React.JS (entry)
  • (JS)  jQuery
  • (JS)  Grunt
  • (JS)  Gulp
  • (JS)  Yeoman
  • (JS)  Webpack
  • (JS)  NPM
  • (JS)  Flowtype
  • (JS)  Protractor / Karma
  • (PHP)  Laravel
  • (PHP)  Slim
  • (PHP)  Codeception
  • (PHP)  PHPUnit
  • (PHP)  Composer
  • (Python)  Flask
  • (Python)  SqlAlchemy
  • (Python)  Requests
  • (AWS)  Route 53
  • (AWS)  S3
  • (AWS)  EC2
  • (AWS)  Elastic Beanstalk
  • (Node)  Express

Misc. Tech

  • MySQL  (Databases)
  • MongoDB  (Databases)
  • PostGres  (Databases)
  • SQLite  (Databases)
  • Linux  (Ubuntu/CentOS)
  • Agile  (Dev. Method)
  • MVC  (Dev. Technique)
  • RESTful  (Dev. Technique)
  • SDLC  (Dev. Concept)
  • JSON  (Dev. Concept)
  • Selenium/Web Driver  (QA)
  • Ionic Framework  (iOS/Android Development)

Web/PC Security

  • Web App penetration testing
  • Network security
  • Linux: Basic configuration, Intrustion Detection Systems, Security Reports, Firewalls

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