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Job History (3 years)

Web Application Developer (MEAN)
Quorum Review - Independent Review Board
At my current job, I develop using the MEAN stack: MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.JS.

I am responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining business functionality for business users and external clients in a fast paced environment. I collaborate with technical and business staff in the design, development, testing, implementation and production support of enterprise applications.
Web Application Developer (LAMP)
Fitted Technology
Fitted Technology is a sole proprietorship which offers web/app development, graphic design and search engine optimization services.
IT Help Desk
Concordia University
Provided tier-1 technical assistance to computer users by resolving computer problems concerning hardware and software and troubleshooting for Mac’s, PC's and peripheral hardware.
Web Application Developer (LAMP)
Bio-Tech Medical Software Inc.
At Bio-Tech, I was a Full Stack Web Developer working on PHP, JQuery, AngularJS and Perl based services / applications. I worked on the 'BTMenu' products. BTMenu products include: digital menuboards and web/mobile applications. In addition to handling the development of BTMenu products, I also manage the debian linux servers for the products.
Web Application Developer (LAMP)
  • Front-end development with HTML, CSS, JQuery and AJAX.
  • Back-end development with PHP
  • Database Administration: MySQL/Postgres
  • Tier 3 support for stakeholders and designated end users.

My most proud work is a project involving Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). I led a team of 3 developers in a LAMP stack environment. We worked with PHP, JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3.
( Promo video: http://youtu.be/jvyYO7lJv-w )

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Freelance/Work Projects


Client facing informational dashboard and medical study submission tool

Industry leading pharmaceutical companies use this portal to submit medical study information, review process-related information on medical study submissions and communicate with our company (Quorum).

This is a private and internal application and cannot be viewed.

Board App

Meeting Manager application for medical study review board

This application helps my company (Quorum) to facilitate meetings to review medical study submissions. Although one of my most frustrating projects, I learned quite a ton on this one. I was forced to refactor a very large and complex application undergoing a redesign. Along with front-end improvements, the back end and migration needed a lot of work.

This is a private and internal application and cannot be viewed.


Toll/Ticket Payment System

For this project, I was asked to create a ticket-payment system and administrative section for the business owners. I collaborated with Marcher Internet Marketing to create the wordpress business portfolio site. After integrating wordpress, I built the custom Javascript/PHP application with a MySQL database and Stripe Checkout.JS. Lastly, I used PHP and DataTables to create the administrative section that listed user accounts, stripe customer references, PDF/Excel exports and overdue tickets.

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Brochure Website

Billy Vicario, asked me to redesign their existing page: BuyBack Corps. This project is pretty interesting because it uses full page panels and scrolls automatically. I utilized a jQuery plugin called fullPage.js to create a Fullscreen scrolling website.

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BT Menuboard

Real Time TV Display

I am the sole developer, designer and tester for the BT Menuboard. In addition to these duties, I provisioned/managed the cloud server and also created a brochure website which can be seen by clicking the 'View Website' button.

The BT Menuboard is an automated inventory menu that can be shown through a TV display or accessed by computer and mobile phones. Using web technologies, this application connects directly to client's inventory and uses AngularJS to create a beautiful, animated experience.

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BT Command Center

Business Intelligence and Reporting (Big Data)

I am the sole developer, designer and tester for the BT Command Center. In addition, I also provisioned and manage the linux server for this application.

The BT Command Center is a task management and business intelligence tool that allows retail stores, farmers and product processors to visualize their data in real time. By providing a task management interface, store owners can assign daily, weekly and monthly tasks and communicate with employees from the comfort of their own phone or laptop.

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UFC Fit Club

Ultimate Fighting Championship

During this project, I worked with a team of developers in a LAMP stack environment. We worked with PHP, AngularJS, JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. Development techniques incorporated agile/scrum development and test driven development.

UFC FIT Club is a community website that integrates with UFC Gyms to provide UFC FIT DVD customers with a social media site. UFC Fit Club provides recipes, workout videos, tutorials and much more.

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Monster Dog Sports

During the time spent on this project, I worked as the lead developer and was assisted by two other developers.

Iron Paws Stage Race is a virtual dogsledding race that lasts 9 weeks. Competitors from throughout North America compete against each other in classes based on the number of dogs and type of rig run. All levels and abilities, and all mushing classes and team sizes are welcome. This website serves as a interface for dogsledders to enter scores and compare with other competitors.

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Creative Bridge Coalition


During the development of this project, I worked pro-bono as the lead developer utilizing PSD designs to create a wordpress theme.

CreativeBridge Coalition (CBC) is an innovative-thinking, problem-solving organization created by education and music industry veterans whose goal is to bring music into the lives of children. CBC helps kids (birth through nine years of age and those with special needs up to 21 years of age) learn through effective music-based programs.

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Hannah Moody Fitness

Business Brochure Website

HannahMoodyFitness.com is a very simple website for a personal trainer in Huntington Beach, CA. It is a standard business brochure website and allows users to purchase meal and workout plans using paypal that are customized by Hannah Moody.

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